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Unlocking the Charms of ‘Wed in India’: PM Modi’s Vision for Boosting Tourism, Economy, and Culture


In November 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a visionary initiative named “Wed in India,” urging affluent families to choose India, particularly the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, as the destination for their weddings. This initiative not only aims to redefine the concept of destination weddings but also holds the promise of significantly impacting the Indian tourism industry, bolstering the economy, and showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian culture and traditions.

Goals and Objectives:

    1. Promoting Tourism in Uttarakhand:
      • By encouraging destination weddings in India, “Wed in India” seeks to enhance tourism, especially in scenic and under-developed regions like Uttarakhand.
    2. Economic Stimulus:
      • The initiative strives to redirect the estimated Rs 1 lakh crore spent on overseas weddings back into the Indian economy, fostering employment opportunities and supporting local businesses.
    3. Infrastructure Development:
      • Increased tourism and economic activity are expected to drive the development of infrastructure in chosen destinations, elevating local facilities and amenities.
    4. Cultural Showcase:
      • “Wed in India” aspires to promote Indian culture and traditions by incorporating them into the fabric of destination weddings, providing a global stage for the country’s rich heritage.

      Current Status

      1. Early Stages:
        • The initiative is currently in its initial phases but has garnered support from various industry stakeholders.
      2. Industry Interest:
        • Wedding planners and venues in Uttarakhand have shown keen interest in catering to destination weddings, indicating a positive response to the initiative.
      3. Government Strategy:
        • The government is actively developing a comprehensive strategy, including marketing campaigns and financial incentives, to promote and sustain the “Wed in India” movement.

      Potential Benefits

      1. Tourism Revenue Boost:
        • A shift to domestic destination weddings could lead to a significant increase in tourism revenue and overall economic growth.
      2. Infrastructure Development:
        • The initiative has the potential to drive the development of infrastructure in potential wedding destinations, providing lasting benefits to local communities.
      3. Job Creation:
        • “Wed in India” could create new job opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector, contributing to employment growth.
      4. Cultural Promotion:
        • The initiative aims to showcase and promote Indian culture and traditions on a global stage, fostering a deeper appreciation for the country’s heritage.


      1. Shifting Perspectives:
        • Convincing affluent families to choose India over overseas destinations poses a challenge that requires targeted efforts and effective communication.
      2. Logistical Concerns:
        • Addressing concerns related to logistics, infrastructure, and service quality is crucial for the success of the initiative.
      3. Sustainability and Responsibility:
        • Ensuring that the initiative is environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible is imperative for its long-term success.


      The “Wed in India” initiative, although in its nascent stages, holds immense potential to reshape the landscape of destination weddings, tourism, and economic development in India. By addressing challenges, implementing a well-crafted strategy, and showcasing the unique charm of Indian culture, this movement has the power to leave a lasting impact on the country’s global image. As the initiative progresses, its success will not only be measured in economic terms but also in the cultural legacy it leaves behind.

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